5 Tips to Stay Motivated

There are days that we get up from bed and do not feel like coming to work or doing anything at all. We probably felt tired doing the same things over and over again. Sometimes we get burnt out. Other times we are just uninspired. We all get to the point where we do not feel motivated at all. We have probably asked ourselves at least once in our lives, if there are steps on how to motivate ourselves. Here are five tips how to stay motivated:

Remove Distractions

You are unmotivated because you are distracted. Try changing your routine. Laziness and procrastination are the enemies. Don’t let them win you over. Get off social media. Get away from the things that would steal your time from doing what you should be doing in the first place. I used to check my Twitter every time I wake up, but now I don’t. I realized that I accumulate 15 minutes when I should have been preparing to go to work. Focus on what you should be doing instead.  The hardest part is always the first step, but once you have successfully done it, the end result wouldn’t be so far-fetched as it was before. 

Watch Motivational Speeches

Sometimes I watch motivational speeches from successful people to feel inspired. Hearing their stories makes me believe that I can accomplish what they did. It motivates me to act. Aside from speeches, I also watch TED Talks. I find this as a blissful experience. Every person who has spoken in a TED Talk shared a unique story and I always learn something new from them.

Surround Yourself With People Who Feel Like Sunshine

What I mean by surrounding yourself with people who feel like sunshine are being with those who inspire you, encourage you and motivate you to strive harder. Always be careful in choosing who you surround with. Build a circle full of passionate and driven people. The ones whose energy can be a positive influence. If you have these kind of people, stick with them. They are the ones who will help you grow.

Set a Goal For The Day

Set a goal that can be achieved in a day. It does not have to be big. Set small goals like getting out of bed without snoozing your alarm, or leaving for work 5 minutes earlier than usual. Setting one goal a day is an effective method of motivating yourself. If you achieve your goals each day, you will develop an attitude that always look forward to accomplishing a new goal the next day.

Discipline is The Key

You may have done one or two of these tips to stay motivated but you won’t be able to accomplish anything if you don’t have discipline and proper mind set. It is better to cultivate discipline than to rely on motivation. Do not rely on motivation all the time because motivation is fleeting. You have to get up and do the work, even at times when you do not feel like it. Discipline yourself. Force yourself to begin. Force yourself to work it out. The challenge is not how to keep yourself motivated, but how to train yourself to work without it. 

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  1. Its really hard to keep myself motivated sometimes, especially when I am going through times when life is overwhelming me. I am going to save this so that I can practice the things on your list.

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