7 Songs Worth Listening To

2018 is a glorious year for OPM and the Philippine music industry because of the rise of many great artists, musicians and bands. Filipinos are becoming more engaged in the local music scene. OPM is evolving and these are 7 songs worth listening to today.

Spaces – Martti Franca

Martti is one of the musicians in the industry that I admire. Why? Because he values what he does. And you can clearly hear it in his songs, Alone and Spaces. Spaces is about a man who is willing to “fill the space” (in other words, be a rebound) for the woman he loves. It is a song that is going to shatter your heart. Follow him on Facebook and Spotify to get tuned to updates.

Katabi – Earl Generao

Earl deserves the spotlight because if you are looking for talent and versatility, this man got it! I am already claiming that this man will go places in the Philippine music industry. I have been a fan since I heard his first single, Lunas. This new song, Katabi, has a different style. If Lunas made you feel soulful, Katabi will make you groove to the beat while contemplating about the message of the song. Follow him on Facebook and Spotify to learn more.

‘Di mo naman alam ang pinagdaraanan ng iyong katabi kaya iwasan mo nang manghusga.

Nag-iisa – Shanne Dandan

Nag-iisa is Shanne’s debut single. She might look familiar because she’s from Born to be a Star and The Voice Kids. Shanne has a distinct, clear and beautiful voice that could be music to your ears. The kid has become a lady and she is on fire. Follow her on Facebook and Spotify. *P.S. She is Zild’s girlfriend! #couplegoals 

Buwan – Juan Karlos Labajo

I was thrilled when I saw the music video being shared by my friends in Facebook. You all finally got to listen to this masterpiece. I was instantly hooked with the song the first time I heard it a few months back. This man has a bright future. I have liked Juan Karlos in The Voice Kids, and I absolutely love him now. If you haven’t watched the music video or listened to his song yet, you should do it now.

Susi – Ben & Ben

Ben & Ben is one of my favorite bands of all time. Susi  is an original soundtrack from the film, GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral. Although the song wasn’t written for the movie, Miguel wrote it a few years back, it still felt like it was written for Goyo because of its message, which connects to the lessons in the film.

Balikan kung bakit ka nagsimula bago mo sabihin na ayaw mo na. Huwag mong sosolohin, ‘di ka mag-isa. Ikaw pa rin ang susi sa pinto ng iyong tadhana.

Bata, Dahan-dahan x Nadarang- IV of Spades and Shanti Dope

A lot of people are saying that they are the future of OPM. If you watch them, you would definitely agree. I like all the songs of IVoS, but Bata, Dahan-dahan has a different impact to me. It’s because of the message of the song. I am a fan of IV of Spades not only because they are great musicians, but also inspiring artists who aren’t afraid to be different.

Huwag hahayaang magaya sa iba. Ikaw lang, sayang. Halika na, tuklasin ang mundong puno ng isipan.

Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw – December Avenue feat. Moira Dela Torre

I have been obsessed with the song since its first release and even now that the music video is out. The music resonates to you especially if you have been through a similar situation. December Avenue is one of the bands that write songs you can instantly relate to, because we have all been loved and hurt. And how much more pain can we all take when this is sung with Moira?

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