The Hardest Goodbye

The hardest goodbye is the one that is necessary.

Necessary for the growth of both of you. Sometimes people need to grow apart to become who they are meant to be. You must understand why it had to happen. Accept that is the end of your story together. Learn to let go. The process is difficult and uncomfortable. But it is the only thing left to do. Pain is inevitable. You will feel every bit of it. But it’s alright. You feel this now because you have loved truly. It only hurts this much because you have loved the person greatly.

I am sure you have tons of questions that will not be answered.

I am sure there are nights where you just don’t know what to do anymore, what to feel and how to start again. These are the times that you should be affirmed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if someone decides that you should not be a part of their life anymore. It simply means you aren’t their person. And they aren’t yours.

It will hurt like hell.

Everything you imagined for you two will not happen anymore. You will not be the one who is going to be with him when he achieves his dreams. You will not be holding his hand when you finally go to the places you both dreamed before. He is not going to be the person who comforts you from a bad day. Everywhere you go, everything you see have a story to it. And you will remember him even in the most inconvenient times. You will start to live each day remembering everything when you were still together. And you will make it through. 

Let yourself embrace the pain.

Do not try to numb it. Do not pretend to be strong when you want to break down. Let it all out if you have to, as many times as you need. Only then will you be able to accept it as it is. He is gone. There is nothing you can do anymore. But you will be fine. This is happening to make you stronger. One day you will look back and wonder how you did it on your own. That day will surely come for you. It will.

You will move on and you will do it with your head held high.

Move on with peace in your heart knowing that you are going to find what you are looking for and you will feel the happiness that you deserve. Move on knowing that no matter what happens, you will be okay. No one can make you happy except for you. Focus on taking care of yourself instead. You hear people say this all the time because it is true. Until you are truly 100% happy with your own life, you will never be happy with anyone else. Too many people are in relationships depending on each other for happiness. They end up miserable in the end because they haven’t figured out that they need to take care of themselves first. Only then will they be truly happy in their relationship. A truly healthy relationship involves two people taking care of themselves, so they can be their best selves for each other.

Rest for now.

Put everything in God’s hands. Trust in His plans and timing. It will be alright. If you two are really for each other, a chance will come again. And if not, then you must still be grateful. It might be the hardest goodbye, but it will also be a fulfilling beginning for you.

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  1. Hi Alex, that was a beautiful post and I can’t agree more. I’m happy you decided to share that with everyone, sometimes we need to hear it.

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