An Open Letter To The Person I Loved The Most



Thank you for coming to my life. I enjoyed every bits of our journey together- including the struggle, pain and heartache that it brought. If given a choice to meet you again for the first time, I would. Even with the knowledge of how we would end. Because in you, I found a partner who always supported me, encouraged me and pushed me to become better. Those two years are necessary to shape me into the person I wanted to be. That is why I will be forever grateful to you.
Now as we journey on our separate lives, I want you to not look back and just keep moving forward. All the mistakes you did in the past, those are not you anymore. You have changed. You have grown. You have learned. Just continue to reach for your dreams. Even if I am not by your side anymore, I will be supporting you.
We did not work out. And that is okay for me. Because I understand that this is the end of our story. I understand that these kind of things had to happen to make way for what are truly meant for us. I already accepted it. When I told you that I had no hard feelings toward you, it was honest. I can’t find it in myself to hate you because I understand. I always do. No matter who you are with, what matters to me is that you are happy. I don’t take it against you that you left me and you wanted to explore the world without me. After all, we are both just ordinary people who are trying to find what we want in life. I do hope you find what it is your heart longs for. You are a great person and I will remember you as a great person who is passionate about music. I wish you the best in life. You deserve the happiness you are feeling now and all the happiness you are yet to embrace.
Thank you for everything you brought into my life. I will never forget all the memories we shared together. I will cherish them. And also, thank you for leaving. Because I got to know myself better. I am strong. I will be fine on my own. I am loved by so many people around me. I learned how to appreciate them more. I learned how to be there for other people, as well. You showed me my worth when you left. I realized I held myself back from doing what I wanted because I was waiting to do those things with you. I realized how I settled for less than what I deserve because I was afraid you will be gone. I realized that I don’t need to beg for love and attention because when it’s with the right person, he will give it to me without needing to ask.
All the things that you took for granted, I was able to see them as my best qualities. I now know what I can offer to the right person, when he comes. So, thank you for loving me and for hurting me. The hole in my heart that you brought with you when you left, I was able to fill with love from different people and mostly, from myself. I learned how to love myself more. I was able to see the parts of me that I need to embrace, and feel proud of. You made me realize all these things. I am capable of many things. Now I know that I deserve better. Now I know that better things in life await me. I do hope we will be able to meet again someday and we can be friends then. Until that time comes, let us both enjoy our lives.



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