All About Stranger Things 2

Waiting more than a year for Stranger Things 2 have been a struggle for me. Now that Stranger Things 2 is out, I cannot help but write about the things that I love from the show. The Duffer Brothers truly exceeded it this time. I loved the first season of Stranger Things and I love the second season more because of these things.



80’s music

The first reason I was hooked on Stranger Things because it was set in the 80s. They showed us how life was like in the 80s from politics to fashion to the music they listened to. I kind of wish that I can get to live one day in the 80s, like from Back to the Future. Don’t we all?

New characters


The new King of the campus, played by Dacre Montgomery. With Steve Harrington’s development from a jerk to a selfless human being, the show needed to introduce a new antagonist. Billy is the villain every girls would die for. The scene with Mrs. Wheeler is one of my favorites.


The new member of the party who is caught in a love triangle with Dustin and Lucas. Max is a total bad ass. She skates, she scores the highest in arcades and she stood up to her brother to protect her friends. I am excited for her character development in the next seasons.


I love how Joyce Byers has found a boyfriend and how it was played by Sean Astin. His character was mysterious to me at first because I could not figure out what his intentions were. In the end, I did.


“Kali is like Yoda.” – Beyond Stranger Things. Indeed, she is. Now that 008 has been introduced, I am expecting that in season three, the gang will go on a journey to find others like Eleven and Kali. And hopefully,  make them help out in defeating the Mind Flayer.
Justice for Barb, finally. Thank you, Duffer Brothers.

I like how they opened the season introducing the families of the gang. Dustin’s mom. Lucas’ little sister, Erica. Love them.



Steve Harrington’s character development

I like his character development from the bad boy to sort of like the older brother of the gang. Being all in love with Nancy makes him more attractive to me. I am excited for the roles he will play for the next season and how their love triangle will develop.

Jancy: Jonathan and Nancy

I ship Jonathan and Nancy even from first season. They finally happened, thanks to Murray. I could not be happier. (But you have to sort things out with Steve, girl.)

Eleven’s strength


After season one ended, we were all left with the question of what happened to Eleven. I love how they went with the story that she was kept by Hopper and he became a dad to her. Then she had a rebellious phase, Punk Eleven, wherein she heightened her power with the help of Kali. Despite the journey of discovering herself, she still chose to come home to save her friends. The scene where she step at the door and then Mike saw her was the best scene for me. I am such a fan. Millie rocks.


Snow Ball

I was screaming the entire Snow Ball scene!!! They are so adorable. Don’t grow up too fast, kiddos.

Mind Flayer


I like how they introduced a much more powerful and threatening villain. Now the story is on a grand scale which only makes the show more exciting. How would things go from here on out?

We need to wait another year to find out. Ciao!
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