6 Best Practices to Do Everyday

People should always be notified when they are appreciated.

Some people never notice that the little things they do can make somebody happy. That’s why it’s important to let them know that you’re thankful for their deeds. Do not be afraid to send your appreciation – big or small, simple or grand. Because it’s the little things in life that give us the most joy.
Practice saying “thank you” sincerely.
If we practice saying “thank you” more than “sorry”, we will be able to look at life in a different perspective. In return, we will start to be more grateful than sorry. Compliment a person if you think she is cute, if her dress/shoes matches her. If she did great on the exam, presentation or anything else. Greet a stranger a pleasant morning. It’s not creepy. It’s actually nice. You never know if that person must have needed it to go on for the day.
Be nice.
Whether people do you good, bad or nothing at all, be nice. Being hurt by someone doesn’t give you the right to do the same. There are two types of evil people in the world: those who do evil and those who watch them without doing anything. If the world is only composed of more people who see evil and do something about it, then the world will become a better place. Where can you find a good place to live? It’s none but where there are good people. So be nice. You can’t expect others to be good to you if you aren’t the same to them.
Initiate a conversation.
Engage. Bond. Socialize. Don’t gather together only to browse through your phone. Communicate and actually converse with people. The real thing is always a whole times better than what is present on the screen.
Whether it be books, magazines or news papers, read. Spend time with yourself to know what you like and what you want to do. Reflect in life. Reading is relaxing. It relieves you from stress. It enlightens you. So go on and grab a book. Feed your mind with new knowledge and discoveries. Explore the world of the imaginative and the adventurous!
Be socially aware.
Concern yourself more about what’s happening in the world. Instead of obsessing over silly stuff, or isolating yourself from everybody, why don’t you read/watch the news and care a little more? It saddens me that young girls of my generation have no idea about the current issues that might affect them, but if asked to recite every details about their celebrity crush/es, they know what to answer. It’s disappointing how my generation weigh the value of things. Most of us are more interested about less significant issues than the real deal.
If we start these small practices everyday, perhaps a significant change will happen to our lives. I hope that this change will happen to all of us.
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