Top Romantic Movies

Today is not the season of love, but everybody fancies a feel-good movie once in a while. Here is a list of my top romantic movies that I always go back to. If you are into classic romantic comedy films, Meg Ryan is what’s best for you. Here are my top favorites of Nora Ephron’s films:


Sleepless in Seattle









When Harry Met Sally





You’ve Got Mail






Classic! If we are going to look back, the lines from these movies are often quoted by some of today’s series. What a brilliant writer Nora Ephron was. Don’t you agree?

For drama and romance, here are my top list of movie adaptations of Nicholas Sparks’s novels:


The Notebook






A Walk to Remember








Dear John









The Lucky One







Safe Haven







Nicholas Parks is one of the most incredible authors of our generation and personally, he’s my favorite. For those who haven’t seen these movies yet (I’m certain you have), I suggest you read the books.

Now there is the crowd’s favorite, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. It is just so heart wrenching. The longer you feed your mind to its pages, the more you are devoured into the world of Gus and Hazel. There is no turning back. A love story that would wreck your soul.


The Fault in Our Stars
















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