Life As We Think We Know It

What Pain Does to People

Life is a series of living up to bad decisions. Where people learn to grow to the extent of becoming numb to pain and bullshit. Pain can alter one’s personality. Not true. Pain does not alter your personality, instead, it teaches you that you can be vulnerable. It can serve as a drive to change people. But before it does, pain reveals our true selves first, our fragile side- the one that we have been keeping to everybody including ourselves. It brings out who we really are, what we are capable of and what we hide. 

How People Respond to Pain

People often resort to shutting themselves out to joy, forgiveness, and hope after experiencing pain. Due to reasons such as failing to accomplish their goals, getting their heart broken, being ignored by people who mean most to them and getting sick of wrong accusations. It’s not that we intend to succumb to the pain, but sometimes circumstances have a way of causing us to view things differently. Because we get hurt, we spend more time sulking and drowning to negativity than finding out how to overcome it. Part of it may have been our fault, and we have no right to complain that we experience these ugly experiences, but try to think of it in a rather positive way. Perhaps, these are just challenges disguised as blessings. Maybe something good will come out of all these suffering.

What You Need to Remind Yourself

Nobody expects you to get over it in a day. Change doesn’t happen rapidly, but it’s bound to happen, still. Trust the process. There are people out there who are also experiencing the same thing you do. We just don’t tend to open up about our fuck ups in life. But trust me, everyone has done something that they regret or feel bad about. Everyone has something that they carry with their hearts. We all have an emotional baggage. Everybody might have reached a point where they have no idea how to recover. But they did recover. You are not the only one who feel this pain. Somebody out there feels it, too. Let this be your sign to open up to someone and make yourself feel better. You experience these things for a reason. Believe in yourself that you can survive it. Because we all did. You will, too.

What You Can Do
Remember life is a roller coaster. It will never run out of ups and downs. You will not stay forever at the bottom. Loneliness does not last forever even when it feels like it will. Instead of dragging yourself down, don’t you think it’s time to lift yourself up? Only people who make excuses don’t want it bad enough. Hold your head up high. You got this.
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