That Guy

Each one of us dreams of finding/becoming a perfect partner. But they say nobody is perfect. Well, I guess there is. What I mean is they’re not perfect in everything but they are perfect by the way you see him/her.

My name is Alex. I am seeking love and affection like any other teenagers do. But as I think about life each passing day, I would rather seek the love of God and his plans for me. My God is the greatest. I believe he alotted time for everything. For now, I’m just gonna set my goals first and I will share to you what I will look for after I get what I need to achieve in life.

Music Man

This is about my ideal man. He is a music man. I want a guy who would sing The Beatles’ songs for me. It doesn’t matter if he can’t sing well. I just want to hear his voice singing my favorite songs because for me, his voice is my favorite sound.



Hopeless Romantic

I want a guy who would stay with me while watching romantic movies. I want him beside me because I need someone to wipe my tears. (Yes, I do cry at movies) I want him to see the person I really am and most especially, I want him to be near me when he says he accepts me for me.




I want a guy whom I can talk about lessons. I enjoy learning. I want someone who have things in common with me. I want us to be exchanging ideas and building something indestructible. I want someone I can be weird with. To tell you honestly, I am always impressed to those people who deliver speech well and to those people who manage to convince their listeners. I want us to be talking about various things, not just about ourselves.



Close to Family

I want a guy who is close to his family. When someone has a good relationship with his family, he becomes more of a positive thinker and a strong man. He is respectful and honest. I want him to always remember that if everything fails, it’s his family who remains his trophy.


Serious and Sincere

Lastly, I want a guy who would never leave me. A person who truly loves you, never let you go no matter how difficult the situation is. It’s okay to be hurt, just find someone who is worth the pain. Someone who doesn’t mind the wounds in his heart because with me, he becomes something more than anything. Someone who enjoys my company because it is something he couldn’t miss. Someone who would be the reason for me to get back up whenever I feel like giving up. Someone who knows all my flaws and still thinks I’m amazing. Most of all, find the guy who can be himself when he’s with me. I want him to feel comfortable and happy. I don’t like a guy who changes just for me to like him. Let him change for himself because he wants to be a better man. If I truly love him, I will accept the man he is. I want to make him feel that we deserve each other and I am the luckiest girl in the world to ever have him.


If you find the one who is your everything, never take him for granted. You both can be best in your own ways. Never lose him over something unimportant or something you argued about. Take care of him and always make him feel loved. When you love someone, making him your only one is not a sacrifice, it is a pleasure. Just think of all the things you can accomplish together. If anything goes wrong, don’t focus about what is wrong but rather focus about the things that can happen if you can go through it. Look at him everyday like he is the most beautiful thing in the world. Tell him you’ll never let him go. Look at him and make him see your heart.


Meanwhile, these are the things I am longing in my heart. I hope you have your ideal man/woman, too. For now, let us just enjoy life that God has given to us and live the way we want our lives to be.

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2 Replies to “That Guy”

  1. You're right. Just enjoy your life. Just go with what makes you smile. You will your guy soon, at the right time. God will never fail us. -Genezze Clyde Torres Lata

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